Let us introduce you to a couple members of the DMG team

Caroline Leary, Project Manager

I joined Dye Management Group in 2014, after working in multimodal transportation planning and policy in the public and private sector for six years. Before that, I completed my master’s degree in urban and regional planning at Portland State University. I entered the field of planning to make people’s lives easier by developing solutions to transportation challenges. Joining Dye Management Group has given me the opportunity to do that daily. Working at Dye provides exciting opportunities to interface with clients facing similar challenges all over the country.

While at DMG, I have continued to do planning work while expanding my knowledge of maintenance and asset management. I have worked on multiple transportation asset management plans (TAMPs), completed gap analyses of maintenance management software systems, conducted business process improvement studies, and applied my knowledge of maintenance quality assurance processes to help prepare condition assessment data for state DOTs. As a DMG team member, I regularly interface with clients across the country and have been lucky enough to work on multiple projects with longtime clients. For the Alabama Department of Transportation, I have helped prepare a TAMP, updated a District Manager Training course, and have assisted with multiple projects related to its maintenance management software system.

I appreciate working with a team of experts in this field and feel grateful that I can draw from my own experience as well as the impressive and varied experience of others on the DMG team to craft solutions that are appropriate for each client. DMG allows me the freedom to follow my interests, provides opportunities to expand my knowledge base and skill set, and provides support for professional development activities such as WTS events and involvement in TRB committees.

Jeff Holabaugh, Project Manager

I joined DMG in August 2011 shortly after completing the masters in public administration (MPA) program at Indiana University’s School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). As an undergraduate at West Virginia University, I became interested in government service delivery and the bureaucracy. At DMG, I work on projects that allow me to utilize my educational background while fulfilling my desire to improve service delivery.

During my time at DMG, I have worked with numerous state DOTs on a variety of projects. I helped the Texas DOT implement a statewide maintenance management system; worked with Michigan DOT on a highway asset inventory collection research project using remote technologies; and analyzed and recommended improvements to the Mississippi DOT's equipment management processes. I am currently working with multiple states to develop transportation asset management plans (TAMPs) in order to document information about state highway assets, management and investment strategies, and business management processes.

I work with a great team that has a diverse set of backgrounds, both educationally and professionally. The team encourages my professional development and I am able to continually improve my technical and professional expertise.

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