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Dye Management Group, Inc. Tex​as DBITS Contract DIR-TSO-4325

Dye Management Group, Inc. (DMG) offers deliverables-based information technology services (DBITS) through this contract, specifically: IT procurement assistance. No hardware or software products may be sold through a DBITS contract. Contracts may be used by state and local government, public education, other public entities in Texas, as well as public entities outside the state.

Information Technology Procurement Assistance services may include assistance in IT Statement of Work (SOW) and/or Request for Offer (RFO) development. Procurement assistance activities may include requirements gathering, scoring criteria development, and evaluation criteria development.

DMG is a transportation management consulting firm dedicated to helping DOTs improve how they plan for, deliver, and preserve their transportation systems. DMG provides expertise across many DOT functional areas, including maintenance and asset management, planning, programming, project delivery, preconstruction, operations management, and financial and administrative management.

To learn more about DIR purchasing: Click here to learn more about the DIR Co-op Contract Program Overview​

Here is a link to our contract: DIR-TSO-4325​

The value of any one SOW may not exceed $10M for voluntary customers and $5M for agencies, including all extensions, renewals, and change orders. In order to be awarded a Purchase Order hereunder, Vendor(s) must respond, in writing, to a Statement of Work (SOW) for services as issued by Customers (State Agencies, Government Entity), consistent with the Terms and Conditions of the DIR DBITS Contract. Vendor(s) shall only respond to SOWs for Technology Categories which Vendor(s) have been awarded in the DIR DBITS Contract. For more information about DBITS and the SOW Ordering Process, please visit: DBITS Contract and Services Page​

The following is a step by step process for executing a procurement from the DIR DBITS contract:

1. Customer creates an SOW for release to vendor(s). The SOW must be complete, signed by an authorized representative of Customer and must be in the form contained in DBITS Contract and Services Page​

2. Customer Releases SOW to one or more approved DBITS vendor(s) of their choice in the selected category. Response timeline is at the Customers discretion.

3. Customer evaluates response(s) and selects a vendor.

4. Customer issues a Purchase Order. Vendor understands that no work under any SOW issued by Customer shall commence until receipt of Purchase Order.

Some additional notes on the delivery and negotiation process:

Service provided under this Contract shall be based on the Statement of Work form set forth in Appendix

Customers may negotiate the terms and conditions of a SOW to suit their business needs, so long as the SOW terms and conditions do not conflict with or weaken the terms of the DIR DBITS Contract. Vendor shall perform its work in compliance with the DIR DBITS Contract and the agreed upon Statement of Work with Customer.

Customers purchasing services under the DIR DBITS Contract shall negotiate pricing directly with the Vendor in accordance with the Customer's Statement of Work.

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