DYE MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC. (DMG) serves transportation and other government agencies that are ready to improve their operations and prepare for the challenges of a new age. Whether you are charged with improving performance, implementing mission-critical IT solutions, or developing long-range plans, DMG has the insight and know-how that are imperative to your success.


Streamlining and developing processes and approaches to consistently deliver projects with greater efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness.

PD Scoop: DMG helps FHWA assess performance-based prequalification for construction contractors. Read more

maintenance &
asset management

Developing and implementing best practices in maintenance and asset management to preserve transportation infrastructure.

MAM Fix: DMG evaluates remote-sensing technology to monitor the location, quantity, and quality of various Michigan DOT highway assets. Read more

enterprise financial &
administrative management

Providing ERP system planning and implementation services to achieve efficient operations.

EFAM Spotlight: DMG provides the Louisiana DOTD with post-implementation support on the LaGov project. Read more

policy &

Developing processes, tools, and strategies to better plan for, invest in, and deliver transportation system.

P&P Bulletin: DMG helps the Colorado DOT minimize the impact of program delivery uncertainties. Read more
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